I am going out for a while,”

Where are you going Shailaja, when will you be back?

I need to be alone, mother, for a while; don’t wait for me.”

She often visited this wooded area to clear her head. Sitting on a log, Shailaja lit a cigarette, and looked around. Her red dress matched the red color forest had assumed.

All her life, Shailaja has paid the price for her strong and independent attitude. She had a clash of ideas with her research supervisor at the University. Her thesis submission was delayed as was her graduation. Now she is having similar conflict of personality with her manager.

Lighten up Shailaja,” her friends would advice, “invite your boss for a drink. Smile a little. Sort out difficulties. You are way to serious.”

Not that Shailaja is a difficult person. She cannot stand people who are hypocrits and backbiters. Somehow, most people she is meeting fall in this category.

If it is that easy to shed your opinion, why have an independent point of view?” Shailaja wondered, “May be I need a training in diplomacy!

Shailaja looked around. All over, trees were shedding leaves. A carpet made of dead and dropped leaves formed on the forest floor. Others were changing color, in anticipation of an impending harsh winter.

I am also preparing for a long bitter battle on many fronts,”

Shailaja wondered,

Kind of like my life; either I change color or drop dead for others to walk over me; I will do neither. I shall fight.”

Word Count : 256

This post is written as part of# TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya . More articles on the post may be found here.

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