Birth of a City

  “This place looks like a desert.” “Yes, there lies the opportunity.” “What opportunity? What can we do here? There will be no business.” “This place is at the junction of routes, that connect states of Colorado, Arizona, Texas with New Mexico. I see business, if we set up a resting place here. We may... Continue Reading →

Sleeping Like Kumbhakarna #WOW

“Maharaj Lankesh! banara sena is playing havoc with our army. Hanuman, Jambuban, Sugrib, Lakshman, are killing our soliders. We need a senapati.” “Where is my brother, Kumbhakarna, mahamantri?” “He is in his palace, Maharaj; no one can wake him now, he is in his six month sleep cycle.” “What nonsense! Wake Kumbhakarna up. Lanka is... Continue Reading →

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