Birth of a City



This place looks like a desert.”

Yes, there lies the opportunity.”

What opportunity? What can we do here? There will be no business.”

This place is at the junction of routes, that connect states of Colorado, Arizona, Texas with New Mexico. I see business, if we set up a resting place here. We may buy up more land later and expand.”

Two men from Omaha, Nebraska were walking by their horses. They have covered two states and have been riding more than a month.

Look this place is close to river and Sierra Blanca range. Climate may not be very extreme either way.”

Van C Smith and Aaron Wilburn decided to settle in the area and constructed two mud buildings. These buildings formed the general store, post office and a motel. Slowly, they acquired more land around their buildings. The seed of Rosewell City was sown. The year was 1869.

Word Count : 150

This week Pegman takes us to the Rosewell, New Mexico. Mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by the location. Feel free to use the photo supplied with the prompt. More posts related to the prompt may be found here.

Note : It is a fact that Smith and Wilburn had moved from Omaha, Nebraska to Rosewell, New Mexico for business in 1896. Rest is my imagination.

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