Sleeping Like Kumbhakarna #WOW


Maharaj Lankesh! banara sena is playing havoc with our army. Hanuman, Jambuban, Sugrib, Lakshman, are killing our soliders. We need a senapati.”

Where is my brother, Kumbhakarna, mahamantri?

He is in his palace, Maharaj; no one can wake him now, he is in his six month sleep cycle.”

What nonsense! Wake Kumbhakarna up. Lanka is in trouble. If we lose this war, we all will he will sleep forever. If we win, I shall double his quota of sleep.

Maharaj, it is next to impossible to wake up Kumbhakarna. He is blessed to sleep uninterrupted for six months. Waking him up may have consequences.”

I don’t care. Play gongs, play drums, run elephants over him. Ask our soliders to pierce his body with sword. Beat him up with mace. I want Kumbhakarna up. I want him up now. Go do it.”

Wake, wake up, wake up from you slumber; Get dressed.” Slowly the words penetrated the mind of slumbering giant as he came back to plane of wakefulness.

Is Kumbhakarna ready for battle?” 

asked Akash as he looked at his wife. Alarm he had set so diligently was ringing notstop. Members of his family, brother, sister, mother were looking at him, anxiously,

“What happened? Why so much noise; Why are you all standing here? Is there a problem?

Son, you often wished an alarm would ring loud and notify you whenever you had to go for an urgent work. Obviously alarm has to do more than just ring. It must pinch you, pull your hair, punch you and sprinkle water.”

Said his father from the doorstep,

since alarm did nothing other than waking us up, we did the rest. Now get ready, your brother will drop you at the airport. You have a plane to catch.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. More posts on the prompt can be found here.

8 thoughts on “Sleeping Like Kumbhakarna #WOW

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  1. Wonderfully narrated 🙂
    Here I was had taken a flight of imagination thinking of Kumbhakarna and the climax of Ramayana… Akash had a flight to catch indeed! Glad his family woke him up.
    Puja season flights are fully booked; and very expensive to buy seats!
    Happy Durga Puja

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