Familiarise Users with Features of a Gadget #GadgetFacts

Technology has improved all aspects of our lives. We can avail many facilities from the comfort of our homes, be it booking a railway / airline / movie ticket, or be it making a banking / commercial transaction, talking to people or viewing events in a distant land in real time. Be it a television or an airconditioner, or a washing machine one can control remotely using our phone. Our lives have become easy, in many cases corruption has been eliminated in public dealings. List of benefits goes on and on.

In my life, the first real gadgets that I had access to was a computer. In the eighties and ninties computer was used to make repetitive human tasks done less difficult. A computer could remember things better than humans and could retrieve information at the click of a key. Gradually, computer started to become smaller and started becoming omnipresent. A computer now covers almost all aspect of our lives. A computer is part of a phone, it is part of a washing machine, it is part of a car, it is part of a microwave. There is no sphere in our lives, that is not controlled by a computer, and the gadget can be controlled by a software, many a time remotely.

The second personal gadget I had access to was a mobile phone. When I got a mobile phone I was so relieved. The access to the phone allowed me not to beg to the man who managed  landline of my society, a man who had the power to make my line malfunction, a man who had the ability to cross connect lines such a way that long distance calls of person A may be billed to person B. Of course, by paying an appropriate bribe at regular interval one could make the problems go away. Cell phone freed me freed me from my misery. Not only I could talk at my convenience, I had the liberty to get a service I wanted.

One important innovation in cell phone was addition of a camera. Being an old timer, I never understood the utility of a phone in a camera when sophisticated camera is available. An advert campaign was initiated that mocked an old fashioned dad who thought phone is meant only for talking. His next generation son showed him phone is also for capturing moments. Selfie culture is here to stay. No social event is ever  complete without taking a mandatory selfie and loading it on social media. These days most phone manufacturing companies aggressively advertise cameras attached to phone, at the same time my service provider is unable to provide connectivity at my home even after paying for a 4G service.

With time, cells phones has become more sophisticated. A cell phone has become a sophisticated computer, only smaller and sleeker, that can be used to transmit e-mail, undertake banking transactions and browsing internet, listening music among other things. Most of the time, our phones and our computers are in sync and each know what the other is doing. Beyond these, if there is any additional capacity of our two most commonly used gadgets that we are missing, then manufacturers have to educate us.

Our increasing use of technology has not necessarily made us more techno-savvy.  We simply know how to press a button on a remote or download an APP use it for our benefit. We do not know how the gadget and remote talk to each other. We do not want to know and we would probably never know. Massive advertising campaign has familiarised us with new capabilities of our phone or any other similar gadget.  Many a time, provider of a service create a new APP. Customers are goaded, through advertising campaigns, to utilise the service after downloading the APP, often free of cost. Instead  of complaining that we do not use all features of a gadget, we should familiarise users with additional possibilities.

The present post was written as part of Indispire prompt. More posts related to the prompt may be found here.

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