Traffic Jam


Oh my god! I shall be late today also,” Akash screamed and cursed as he saw the bridge over the river opening up.

Of late, due to increased traffic congestion, commuting time has nearly doubled. A thirty minute journey takes almost an hour these days.

Yesterday, his manager, Mr. Bhatia, reminded him “You are late almost everyday, Akash.”

I know sir, I get stuck everyday near the bridge,”

Akash, we have an early morning meeting; no more excuses tomorrow. Start early.

Of course! you sadist of a man, you deliberately kept a morning meeting,”

Akash wanted to scream before better sense prevailed,

sir I shall be there.”

Today, he forewent his breakfast, forgot his lunch packet, and drove like a maniac. Still, he will be late. Despondent, Akash looked up and heaved a sigh of relief. In the adjacent car, Mr. Bhatia was also waiting for the traffic to move.

Word Count: 150

Competition No. 187

This little piece of fiction was inspired by the weekly prompt challenge  of 16th Oct, 2018 hosted by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks for reading! Other entries on the topic can be found here.

Photo Credit:Michelle De Angelis

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