Happiness and Sorrow are Mirror Images #WOW


 “Grandad, why does mother Durga has to go today? What if she stayed a little longer?” asked Akash licking on his cotton candy while watching idol immersion ceremony with his grand father.

Every year, Akash visits his grandparents during pooja holidays with his mother. He loved his holidays. Grandparents are very protective of their grandson. There is a lot of pampering. Good food, lots of TV time, no going to bed and getting up early, and best of all no study. Even his mother cannot enforce discipline.

Well Akash! mother has her home to take care of in mount Kailash. Her sons and daughters have to go to school, don’t they? Like you and your mother have to go back, in a few days to your father.”

Prospect of going back to school dampened Akash’s festive spirit. He wished this holiday should never be over. At least, it could have been a little longer.

Grandad, why does all good things end so fast? What if my puja vacation was longer, say  two months long instead of fifteen days? Would that not be a fun?

Well son, life is a mix of both happiness and sorrow, good things and bad things. Because of bad things we enjoy good things more. Because we know what sadness feels like, we can enjoy happiness better.

Really! How is that grandfather?

Now Akash you like to eat sweets your grandmother makes, don’t you?

Yes, grandpa!”

Now imagine your grandmother feeding you sweets, and nothing but sweets, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, add to that morning snacks and evening tea all through your holiday. Would you still love it? I assure you will ask for something bitter after the first day!

May be you are right, grandpa!

Similarly Akash, if you stay away from school for much longer, you will not like to stay at home and vacations anymore. It will be like eating too much sweet.”

Grandpa, you know so much!

Yes son, I am your mother’s father. Any your mother is a wise woman. Like mother Durga. It is time to go home and eat some of the sweets your grandmother prepared.”

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. More posts on the topic may be found here.

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