Tring, tring, tring, tring,” Shailaja impatiently rang the doorbell,

what took you so long…..; what in god’s name is that thing on your face?”

cried Shailaja,

take this ghastly thing off immediately.”

 “Relax mother,” said Akash as he left for the party, “it is my Haloween costume,” Shailaja felt an unholy presence also left with her son. She could not pinpoint, but a sense of unease hung at the back of her mind.

Akash was on his way to Haloween party of his friend. His friend told him to come in a costume with a scary theme. Akash liked the innate cruelty and bestiality expressed by the mask he bought a chor bazaar. Akash never told anyone, but he felt the mask made him boisterous, lecherous, and prone to picking fights. He dismissed his intuition as a passing phase.

Dude, take this off; we have ladies here.”

Yaar, first you invite me, then you insult me!” Akash could feel his voice rising, his blood pressure increasing and his vocabulary changing. He felt an urge to jump on his friend and molest the girl in short skirt.

Is he high?” asked a lady guest, “ask him to leave?”

Shut up, bitch! Did not come all the way, to go home!,” Akash screamed, “Hey babe! want to go for a ride?”.

Amid commotion, the family dog lunged at Akash’s throat. With unbelievable animal like agility and alacrity, Akash move away and tore apart wind pipe of the animal. “Any more, come, lets have a go,” challenged Akash as he wiped blood of his face. A police man, called by a guest, hit Akash with his baton. As the mask was ripped apart, unconscious yet tense body of Akash gradually began to relax.

Shailaja got a late night call, “your son is admitted in hospital.”

Word Count: 300

This post is written as part of# TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya . More articles on the post may be found here.

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