Mind Game #TellTaleThursday

Before taking up her new assignment, Shalini was spending time with Shivani. “Yaar, party improves visibility; I must go,” Shivani was getting ready for her Boss’s party, “come with me.” “Me! You go, I shall stay at home.” “ there will be many single men” Shivani dangled a carrot. “Don’t try so hard, I shall... Continue Reading →


“Pesticides are killing more men and less bugs,” commented Mrs Kapoor as she was showing her inventory to police inspector Tamble in her newly constructed store room, “who died this time, inspector?” “looks like a murder Mrs. Kapoor, not a suicide,” replied Tamble, “I want to talk to your manager.” Mrs. Kapoor’s family owns large... Continue Reading →

Doting Mother #FFfAW

Maria was not thrilled when Freddie bought this boat. “How is he going to pay bills? Where are his customers?” Maria’s could not cope with her worries. “Come for a ride once, I shall explain everything.” Today, as Freddie gently ushered Maria in, he dissuaded Maria’s mother, Susie, “not now, another time.” Susie never liked... Continue Reading →


“Woman Proves Nessie Exists” the poster was displayed prominently, in big and bold font, outside front window of the newspaper’s office. “I want the poster to grab maximum number of eyeballs,” declared the sales manager, “I hope this will increase our weekend newspaper sale. I want more such news item each day of the week... Continue Reading →

Greed #TellTaleThursday

“You Freddie?” “Who is asking?” Freddie Fernandez looked up from his work. “You ferry people downstream?” the man had a mix of shrewdness and cruelty on his face. “For good money, sure!”  “ This evening,ferry two passengers downstream. Here is one lac rupee, other half on return.” "Almost two months income!" Freddy wondered about the... Continue Reading →


“Look son continuous flow of water polishes stone”, his father would say sitting by the mountain stream, “continuous practice can soften rough edges of human being.” Unlike his father, Anshu believed more in material wealth than spiritual gain. But, today he remembered his father’s advice the most. Cool breeze and beautiful scenery did nothing to... Continue Reading →

Bygone Days

Memories came flooding as I looked at the benches from my living room. One of the reason father bought the house was that the south facing house would have sunlight available through out the year. He had specially acquired these benches. After morning walk, father and his friend would read, discuss and argue politics, sports... Continue Reading →

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