Young Achiever


Alternately blinking decorative neons were announcing “Happy Deepavali” and “Baweja Wine and Beer Mart”. Baweja’s is the only liquor shop in the high end neighborhood of “Heavenly Hearth”. A locality where rich and powerful have their farmhouses for spending weekends and holidays in peace and quiet, away from city.

An imported red colored Ferari screeched to a halt in front of Baweja’s, four young men jumped out and looked at the Closed sign with great disappointment

This is not happening, dude” Harsh looked at his expensive Swiss watch and the closed sign, “how can they close so early; without a drink I cannot concentrate.

Ask the owner to open,” ordered Harsh arrogantly, “or else, I shall break the door open.”

 “Count me out Harsh, I do not want to be part of any break and entry.”

Saale, chipkoo, mo——–od!,” Harsh displayed his ethnic vocabulary when angry “now you are Raja Harishchandra!”

Who needs you nancies and pansies?” Harsh started pounding and smashing the glass door.

Beacon flashing a police car emerged. Police does not mess with residents like Harsh, youngest son of a connected business tycoon. Harsh, heading an independent vertical in his father’s empire, can potentially change any police officer’s career trajectory. Case was settled by compensating victim.

Come Harsh, let me buy you a drink at Taj; it will be on our way home.”

Not tonight, I have a meeting to attend; my team is waiting.”

Senior members were waiting for 2 AM meeting. Presentation was ready. Harsh will be coached on right intonation and emphasis for his keynote address “Challenges of Starting Young” in young Achiever’s Conference.

Word Count: 266

This post is written as part of# TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya . More articles on the post may be found here.

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    1. That is mostly the case. People takeover their family business.,talk beautifully with others help and behave like a boor. Thank you for reading.


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