Build Inner Strength #ThisTooWillPass

Many a time in our lives we face this dilemma. Should we let the problem die its natural death or should we face it headon? It must be remembered that late prime minister of India, Mr. P V Narasimha Rao had perfected the art of letting problems follow their natural course and die. Mr. Rao had run a minority government in one of the most politically turbulent times in Indian political history and had introduced major first generation economic reform.

Dilemma we face may have its origin at personal or professional spheres. No matter what is the basis of a conflict, how do we deal with it? Unlike ex prime minister Mr. Rao, many people are eaten away from within, if they do not respond to a situation. We may fall ill, go mad or in an extreme cases pick up a gun to resolve a perceived injustice.

 In a democratic country like India, we can change who will rule us at centre, state and village level, at regular interval. However, most of our leaders have failed us many a time. For effective redressal of common problems, society has created law and order machinery. In India, law enforcement is poor and justice system is often tardy.

We may be able to change our government once in every five years, we cannot change our neighbour. We may decide to move, but how many times a person can afford to move to avoid a pesky neighbor? Similarly, we can change our jobs, but how many times? We can even change our significant others, but again the pesky question arises how many times? In such a situation, what can an individual do other than hope for the problem to go away?

I think solution lies in changing ourselves. If we make us strong, we shall find way to deal with our problems. At the end of the day we may find “instead of carpeting the whole ground, if we wear a pair of shoes, we may protect ourselves better from getting bitten by thorns.” Instead of changing the world, if we can change ourselves, may be we shall be able to deal with our problems better.

Many may consider such a behaviour to be passive. But once we live in a society, we cannot pick up arms at the drop of a hat. Society has entrusted police such responsibility. Common people must protest through media and social media, through pressure groups, by joining political party, and in extreme case through law and order machinery.

This post was written as part of Indispire prompt. More posts on the prompt may be found here.

6 thoughts on “Build Inner Strength #ThisTooWillPass

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  1. Though we love to change things around us to suit us, it is not always possible. So, I agree that being passive is sometimes more effective than being overtly active, particularly when the external circumstances are beyond our control. Thank you for sharing this thought-provoking post.

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    1. Thank you for reading. I think a man / woman can only change so many things. Best way is to change one’s own self. Now once we are certain about our path, it is possible to bring change outside. Someone said, “let your action speak not your mouth.”

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