Greed #TellTaleThursday


You Freddie?

Who is asking?” Freddie Fernandez looked up from his work.

You ferry people downstream?” the man had a mix of shrewdness and cruelty on his face.

For good money, sure!

 “ This evening,ferry two passengers downstream. Here is one lac rupee, other half on return.”

Almost two months income!” Freddy wondered about the nature of the job.

Keep your mouth shut; you are paid enough,” man’s tone was ominous, face was cruel and waist revealed contours of a handgun.

Freddie was no stranger to law. He had run illegal consignments from time to time up and down the river. But current assignment alarmed Freddie,

what company am I getting into?” he looked at the money and reasoned, “only this time.”

When Freddie saw the opportunity to lease speed boats at easy financing options, he could not pass up.

Boat shall supplement my income.”

Moron, who will pay the loan?” wife Maria, had asked, “are you going to quit your job?

I shall work on weekends. We can hire a help for week days..”

Don’t bring trouble and get me evicted, Freddie.

It was late. Freddie had completed all the formalities.

Taking home so much money, what will Maria say?” wondered Freddie, “Woman!

Freddie never returned from his assignment. His boat was not found. Police came to search his office. Money paid in advance was counterfeit. Rumor has it that Freddie had helped a terrorist escape. Maria’s worst nightmare was coming true.


This post is written as part of# TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya . More articles on the post may be found here.

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