Mind Game #TellTaleThursday


Before taking up her new assignment, Shalini was spending time with Shivani.

Yaar, party improves visibility; I must go,” Shivani was getting ready for her Boss’s party, “come with me.”

Me! You go, I shall stay at home.”

there will be many single men” Shivani dangled a carrot.

Don’t try so hard, I shall come. Home or party, I shall be myself.”

Ajay saw the girl standing alone with a glass of wine. Ajay felt she was throwing a challenge, “if you want to know me, come and talk to me.” Ajay thought, ‘Hell with promotion; I must know this girl.”

Hi I am Ajay,”


Havent seen you before, Shalini!

I am with my friend, who is somewhere there,” she pointed in the vague direction of huddles around important people.

She left you alone?

I don’t mind. Met interesting people alone. Sheep move in a herd; lion hunts alone.”

This self assured girl, Ajay found interesting.

Have you zeroed on a prey, Shalini?

Prey is closing in,” Shalini said casually, “only a matter of time.”

Be careful, Shalini; sometime hunter becomes hunted.”

I can handle myself; I have killed a man, once.”

Shalini, don’t mess with Ajay’s mind,” Ajay did not know when Shivani had joined them, “Only way Shalini can kill is by her looks; she cannot hurt a fly.”

Today, Ajay thought, “I think I almost killed a man, driving at top speed. He had to meet his wife, Shalini, for their anniversary.

Word Count : 247

This post is written as part of# TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya . More articles on the post may be found here.

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