Sights and Sounds of Early Morning #WOW



Waking up early is not my forte. In winter months, my best sleeping hours are in the early morning, when the quilt and bed have become really warm. This time of the year, whenever I hear an alarm, I put it into snooze mode and go back to sleep. I end up leaving bed almost an hour behind the set time. To trick my laziness, I bought a radio alarm, that would sit beyond my reach and play music at the set time. I reasoned if I get up to swtich the radio off, I might as well go out for a walk.

So this designated morning, I woke up to the sound of Anup Jalota, singingTera Ramji kare beda paar, udaasi maan kahe ko darre”. If Ramji is with me,  I really have nothing to fear. I put on my long pants, tied my jogging shoe and got out for my morning walk. It was around 6 am in the morning.

Light had appeared and sun was not yet out but it was showing sign that it may come in anytime. Birds were up. I see a lot of bird mynah, bulbul, magpie, doves and others in my balcony. There was chirping soundall around, but no bird was visible. I thought, may be today birds were also thinking of sleeping a bit longer. What is the hurry, we do it everyday?

Our neighborhood community pet, some people call him coffee looked at me suspiciously. I wonder if it was thinking, “why is this man up so early?” Coffee wagged its tail a bit, but did not show much enthusiasm to come near me or did not growl at  me.

The security guard at our colony gate was ready for his morning shift with his uniform on. He was saluting / greeting people whom he knew personally or who wrote his pay cheque. I did not fall in any category. Still he smiled at me and said “Ram Ram Babuji.” I returned his greeting.

I entered the community park. I was surprised to see so many people. Some were entering the park, some drinking health drinks and others selling the same. A variety of items were up for grab – juice, coconut water among others. “Babuji, nariyal paani?” I was both tempted and confused. Should I start with nariyal paani even before I made an attempt to walk on the track? I resisted my temptation and answered, “baadme or later.

In the park there were all kind of people. Some were taking a brisk walk on the track, some doing yoga and pranayama like a steam engine, a few others were engaged in high pitched laughter to release accumulated tension in the body. I  started walking on the track with the determination, “at least on the first day I should do one round.”

I saw a familiar face, slowly lumbering along the track, “hello bhaisahab, all well? Haven’t seen you before!” I wanted to walk quietly, so I nodded and smiled. “So what is your daughter studying? Which university? Which year?” I was not very eager to discuss personal matter loudly on walking track, so I politely told him, “I shall phone you later” I guess he was not interested in knowing. He was passing his time on the track or getting over his boredom.

I completed my walk, drank a some nariyal paani and decided to head home. For one day, this was enough. I need to build my resistance to waking up early and taking many more rounds of the track.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ More posts in response to blogadda prompt may be found here.

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  1. Radio alarm is a nice concept! We all snooze alarms indefinitely.The greetings are so nice – ‘Ram Ram’
    Park is a place for social gathering as well…good that you told that you will discuss details over the phone.
    Nice read.

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