Incentive Drives Participation #BloggingTruth

Any person starts blogging because using the medium one can put forward blogger’s thoughts and ideas in public domain. One can create a blogging site / page free of cost. But one can also buy a paid site. Blog posts can be shared on social media like Face Book, Twitter, Instagram etc. There are many blog aggregators like Indiblogger and Blogadda to name a few. Many platforms where a blog post is being shared, often do not check veracity of the content as long as the content is not promoting pornography, or violence or racial bigotry among other things.

Many bloggers start writing initially as a passion and as a hobby. As time passes, blogger wants to acquire as many followers as possible. A successful blog has many dedicated followers and many of the follwers respond to content of the blog by leaving a comment. Eventually, one starts to look if it is possible to get a reward monetary or otherwise for the effort.

In this context, question raised in Indispire prompt becomes relevant. When a blogger participates in a contest, there is always a possibility to get a reward. This reward can be in cash or in kind like a ticket to some exotic destination. Though not everyone wins a prize, hope always drives the effort. A winner always can brighten up his resume and apply for similar or better opportunities outside any competition.

By contrast a question raised in Indispire generally does not carry any reward. Not many people, apart from diehard followers of the blogger, bother to read them. Even participants often do not read fellow participants write up. To top this, topics are not always straight forward and needs some thinking and in some cases some  research. So it becomes obvious why not many people want to get engaged in an effort that is reasonably complex and does not carry any hope for any reward.

The present post is written in response to Indispire prompt. More articles in response to the prompt may be found here.

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    1. Who will fund Indispire prompt and how much? If there is incentive, I think more people will be interested because many take blogging as a profession.


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