Fruit of Hardwork #WOW


A question has been put forward what makes one happy. I feel happy when I see an idea or an individual or a group of people succeed fighting against all odds. When the underdog David beats a giant Goliath in any sphere of life, I feel happy. There are many instances, here I take opportunity to highlight a few such instances.

One such occasion, though I was not born at the time but I have heard many a time, that fills me with great pride is when I read about Swami Vivekananda’s address in the Parliament of Religions at Chicago in 1893.  Under British rule in 1893, anything native was considered inferior, our self confidence used to be at rock bottom, we were struggling to gain independence. Swami ji has to struggle to arrange his fare, his clothing to face weather in North American. Swami ji’s first address to the audience as “brothers and sisters of America,” got a standing ovation that lasted two minutes. Rest is history.

Post independence one event that gave a moment of great pride to all Indians, was when Kapil Dev brought cricket world cup in 1983. Indian team was a rank underdog. No one gave India a chance. What a proud moment for all Indians. This feat was repeated again in 2007 in T20 world cup and 2011 world cup under M S Dhoni. Both of these were moments of intense happiness because India was not a favorite in 2007 and there were equally strong contenders in 2011.

Another moment of intense happiness and immense pride was when I saw Hima Das, Swapna Barman and Dutee Chand won medals in track and field in Asian Games in Jakarta in 2018. This is not to belittle achievements of Indian wrestlers, boxers, and athletes who have brought medals for India. Reason I single out these three ladies because Track and Field evets are not an Indian forte. These three girls faced immense personal difficulties. They fought and won their personal battles. Now they have put Indian track and field in the international map at least in Asia.

A different example, from a different sphere of life, that made me really happy was when Arvind Kejriwal set up Aam Admi Party (AAP) contested and formed government Delhi in 2013. A new born party without money and muscle got as many seats as older established parties like BJP and congress, all with a clear anticorruption plank and direct communication with voters with an idea to give an honest government. The idea worked. What a miracle, what a feeling.

I have not included any personal experience. Broadly, whenever I have overcome a mental or physical or social block and become successful, whenever I have seen my ideas bear fruit, I felt really happy.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. More articles in response to this prompt may be found here.

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  1. Great read! You have added many historical anecdotes and recent events of triumph in sports and politics (though AAP promised many things – delivered very few)
    I noticed that in the year 1893 – Great Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago address
    and if you rearrange the year – 1983 – Kapil Dev’s captaincy India won the cricket world cup for the first time!

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    1. I did not see the relationship between 1893 and 1983. Yes AAP probably had not delivered. That is a political point. I was commenting on the beautiful way AAP came to power without much money and muscle. It was pure power of communicating with voters.

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