Year End Party #Tell Tale Thursday

Rohit, coming to end of the year party?” Vikas asked over the phone “Say one last goodbye to old colleagues.”

No yaar,” Rohit sounded non commital, “Just back from mountains; I am joining my new job.”

So you want to spend the year end evening all by yourself?

What is the big deal to be with people I don’t care about?

Why don’t you say that you want to avoid Shivani?” Vikas tried to poke,”Why give up your life for your ex?”

Dont cherish the idea,” said Rohit, “but I shall come, just to prove you wrong.

Party was at the home of Rohit’s old boss. People were standing around their bosses. There was also a group around food and drinks. Usual office gossip revolved around the absentee member. Standing by himself, Rohit felt he loved wilderness better than parties.

Hey stranger!” Rohit was startled to hear Shivani’s voice, “how is life?”

Shivani! Hi! Nice to see you,” Not knowing what to say, he simply asked, “where is your significant other?””

There is no significant other Rohit, I did not break up for a different person,” answered Shivani, “we were two different people, with different outlook to life. You liked outdoors, I wanted career. No reason to make each other miserable and act like a couple for the world!

So can we stay as friends in new year?

I don’t see why not? Friends but not with benefits

Reverse countdown to welcome the new year had started – 10, 9, 8,…..

Word Count: 239

This post is written as part of # TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya . More articles on the post may be found here.

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  1. But I would have liked both of them united…I mean people should be accommodating. But anyways it is life of Rohit and Shivani and I must respect their decision.

    Nice woven story with human emotions and its compulsions and life’s restrictions.


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