Shadowing for a Living #WOW



Shadowing people is my profession. I do it to put food on the table and sent my kids to school. So when someone asks me to shadow another person, I do not sit on value judgement. I do not care about the person’s name, sex, social status etc. As long as I am paid my fee, I take fifty percent of my fee in advance, I ask for a photo identity and any other relevant information and get on with my job. Only question I want to know is what do I have to do?

Most common request that I receive is to find out what is the object of interest going to, who is the object meeting with, take pictures of such meetings and if possible record conversation. My average days starts with staking out several potential joints that the person under surveillance is likely to visit. It may not be possible to tail a person in real time in many Indian cities. This may need deputing more than one person to stake out different points. It all depends on speed, gravity and fee being charged.

Shadowing needs a lot of patience. I generally wait in a vehicle. It is easier to carry high powered camera in a car. More often than not, people get suspicious to see a vehicle standing in an odd location for a long time. One needs to be in good terms with local police authorities.

With the advent of technology, shadowing these days have become reasonably easy. Cameras have become ubiquitous and come in different shapes and form. With the help of technology it is possible to intercept a phone, read text message, listen to calls, hack into E-mail, bug homes and offices with camera and recorders. Distinction has blurred between shadowing a private citizen and shadowing a person involved in corporate and national decision making.

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