Tough and Twisted #Sunday Photo Fiction


Cactus plant has an attitude, that I like. It grows under extreme sun and minimum water. Yet, try chewing a leaf, a warning, in the form of bloody mouth, will announce, “don’t mess with a cactus.”

Kind of like me. I work at a roadside eatery, for a man who expects maximum work for minimum pay. Leftover food is free, so is a room for all attendants to crash. I have survived like the cactus plant.

Hey you, shirker!” owner’s abuse broke my reverie, “don’t pay you to meditate, do I? Who is going to clear the tables? Your father?

I am on the job, bhayia ji” I answered with a mock sense of respect, while wondering, ” Your time to get a bloody mouth is approaching fast, you SOB.”

Bhai, want to see a movie? A nightshow?” asked Ramu, a fellow attendant.

Who is paying? I don’t have any money!

This truck driver and his assistant are making a overnight halt here,” he winked suggestively, ”they will buy tickets and pay more for other service.”

Yes, why not? At least I shall pass on something for them to remember me later,” I thought maliciously, “Time to give a bloody mouth; don’t mess with a cactus.”

Word Count : 204

This little piece of fiction was inspired by the weekly prompt challenge hosted by Sunday Photo Fiction Dec 30th, 2018, for Aspiring Writers. For other stories on the theme, look here.

Photo Credit: Joy Pixley

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  1. For many years in different places I was minimum wage earner at retail stores. There are no benefits at all for part-timers. Even talking with the ‘Boss’ leave little to getting relief. The times I got the most relief was when I was able to say; ‘I quit’.

    Good story about endurance.

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