Discipline not Seclusion is the Answer #GoodWriting

This weeks prompt asks “should a writer withdraw from life and anything and everything related to life?” Any writer worth his salt, writes about experiences he gleans from life. If a writer withdraws from life, what would be his source of raw material? It is true that any composition is the churning of mind. External experience gives a push to mind for churning to begin.

In many countries with strong literary tradition, there are pubs and eateries frequented by famous writers. In England there are pubs, that are part of tourist itinerary, that were frequented by Charles Dickens, John Keats, George Orwell, Ian Fleming among others.  Patrons of a pub frequented / even now frequent these places to quench their thirst, meet people, break monotony of life and to share a few laughs. Even in Kolkata in West Bengal, there is a culture “adda”, where people gather to discuss anything and everything about contemporary society over a cup of tea.

In modern times, social media has gained prominence. Writers can interact with fellow writers without leaving their writing desk.  Main point being, a writer cannot and should not cut himself off from the society, the source of his inspiration.

While socialising is important for a writer, one cannot deny the importance of a peaceful and quiet environment to organise an individual’s thought processes.  Social media can  be addictive, it can engage a person in futile cycle of arguments, which may deviate a writer away from his his principal focus.

Many sensible observers advice people to stay away from social media platforms. One must remember that whatever may be an individual’s decision about social media, world does not standstill. I think it should be the personal decision of a writer if he wants to engage with social media or if he wants to socialise. At the end of the day it is the personal discipline that may emerge to be the most important factor that will influence his writing compared to diktat from outside.

The present post is written in response to an Indispire Prompt. More articles in response to the prompt may be found here.

16 thoughts on “Discipline not Seclusion is the Answer #GoodWriting

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  1. You’re right. There are people I know who were accustomed to sit in the Indian Coffee House and write… and none of the loud banter going on around could cause an impediment. But this was long ago. I guess the noise decibels have increased and the need for solitude is higher now. Loved your piece and I agree that ideas need interactions to help them grow.

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. At the end of the day discipline becomes the key. World will move on. How I interact with the world becomes the key.

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  2. Social media has been receiving a lot of negative publicity of late. Yes there are pitfalls of the same but there are certain advantages too. Its a personal opinion and choice as you mentioned.


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