Turtle Neck #TellTaleThursday


Ding, dong,” call bell rang when Sue was almost ready and putting on the turtle neck Mrs. Sudha Khosla gifted her.

 “This is for you Sue dear,” Sudha Khosla had said with her fake affectionate tone, that Sue despised,“this will look so good on you; imported from America!

Sue hated turtle neck pullovers. But she accepted the gift with another fake thank you and agreed to be picked up by Sudha’s son Raj, for her home coming party.

Such a manipulative person,” Sue cursed herself, “how could I fall for such brazenly shameless trick?

Ding, dong,” call bell rang again. “Coming,” Sue shouted, struggling with her turtle neck stuck in her head and refusing to go down or move up,  “what to do now, this damn thing is stuck!

Ding, dong,” Raj wondered, “god how long this person is taking?” Raj realised his mother’s plan of match making, and hated her for the same, “sometimes, bending a little may save the day than standing upright” he reasoned in his mind.

Raj, is it?” Sue asked from behind the door, “are you alone?

 “Yes I am?” Raj answered looking at the the pair of eyes and the head enveloped in a sweater, “what do you have in mind?”

 “I am sort of stuck,” said Sue from other side of the door, “pull this sweater out.”

A nutcase!” thought Raj as he left.

Like mother like son!”  Sue cursed Sudha Khosla, her gift and her party invite, “don’t think you can run away from your mother’s schemes.”

Word count : 255

#TellTaleThursdaywith Anshu & Priya. More posts based on the photo prompt may be found here.

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    1. In this day and age, Raj was a simple person did not want to take chance with a girl in her own home. Besides he was kind of irritated that door was answered after so much delay. There are all kind of people. Forgive Raj. Thank you for reading.

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