Solution to Pollution :An Improved Battery #WOW



On a foggy winter day, I was stuck in a traffic jam in Delhi. Problem was complicated because car engine was running to keep us warm. High price of gasoline, Rs. 78 per liter, was pinching my pocket while emission from car was hitting my conscience. 

Emission from petrol and diesel vehicles is a major contributor, around 30% of total air pollution in Delhi. Normally, pollutants are washed away by wind. But in winter months air circulation pattern in Delhi changes such that pollutants tend to settle at lower level because of cold temperature. Almost 90 – 95% of vehicular exhaust consists of particles of size 2.5 micron (PM2.5) which can go deep inside respiratory tract and create a variety of problems including breathing difficulty.

To bypass fuel price fluctuation and to overcome pollution, government is planning to encourage electric vehicles. By 2023, electric vehicles will constitute at least 25% of all vehicles registered in Delhi. An electric vehicle bought in Delhi, may not work in other parts of country unless there are:

  1. network of charging stations in city and small towns and along highways;
  2. charging should be done at a speed comparable to filling a gas tank to avoid long queue;
  3. cost of charging a vehicle should be comparable or cheaper than filling a fuel tank on per litre and per km basis. 

To build infrastructure government may need time. Meanwhile, if I could invent a battery to be fitted in a car that may provide power to the car it will be great. Battery should come with the following attributes:

  1. batteries that can be easily replaced in a car;
  2. batteries that are portable; 
  3. batteries that are charged rapidly; alternatively, batteries should be exchangeable; a drained battery should be dropped and a charged one picked up for a fee from roadside stations;
  4. batteries should retain charge for long; 
  5. mileage per charge (400 km per charge of Rs. 2000) should be comparable to fossil fuel (400 km/20 liter/Rs. 2000);
  6. kinetic energy of moving car should charge battery; 
  7. exchange facilities to drop a drained battery and pickup a charged one for a fee; 

I think strongly that government must encourage research and development in creating better batteries for electric vehicles. Tax incentives should be given to industries and research organisations that engage in such research.



This post is written as part of WOW prompt  ‘Invent A Gadget. What Would It Do?‘ as part of blogadda. More posts related to the prompt may be found here.

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  1. The need of the hour and the clock is ticking really hard. Alternative sources of energy should be explored and put to main stream use and not just to laboratory experiments.
    A wishful and at a the same time a thoughtful thinking Abhijit ji.

    Liked by 1 person

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