Bloggers Know What Readers Want #SmartBlogging

Today’s Indispire prompt asks if there is a dearth of smart people among bloggers who can think analytically.  I tend to disagree with this thesis.

Some time before, I had written a post on  a similar topic. I think there are many reasons why a person takes to blogging. Initially for the pleasure of writing, then to gain some fan following and eventually to earn some money. 

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One can chose a topic to blog in any area. Be it a complex domains of politics, economics, physics, or medicine or a more descriptive areas like raising a child, visiting a place, cooking a meal etc. A well written blog in any area, a blog that offers a great content, becomes popular and attract a fan following. Since, monetization of a blog depends on how many people visit a blog, visit it regularly and click on it, bloggers work towards attracting more readers by catering to what readers want. 

Not all kind of blogs are analytical by nature. Many detail a recipe in a cooking blog, other detail about a place, how to reach there, what to see, where to stay, what to eat etc in a travel blog. Such bloggers need a different kind of skill set other than analytical ability, to make their blogs attractive to readers. Great photography, beautiful narration and authentic information helps. Good travel blogs, cooking blogs, mommy blogs etc. are published in travel magazines, news paper and other prominent locations for easy access. 

Then there are blogs that undertake analysis of more complex issues. Blogs that deal in politics, or economics, or foreign policy, you name an area and there will be someone blogging. Many news papers publish blogs on politics by political commentators who may have information based on talking to important players. A novice like me, if I try to analyse a situation not many people will read, let alone comment. 

For more complex areas like quantum mechanics, of Indian China policy, or mechanism of DNA folding etc. needs certain kind of domain expertise to write about. Not every one can write on such a topic, and write in a language understandable to common readers, and not every reader will be interested in such an information. Ofcourse, credibility of blogger, unbiased nature of analysis and content being created also contribute to popularity of a blog. Many specialized blog may be very popular among niche audience and common reader may not find them unless they look for them. 

In summary, I don’t think bloggers are unsmart people. Bloggers understand what their readers want and cater to them accordingly. When foot fall matters, writing in an area with limited readership may not be financially viable; unless one gets a writing contract from a publishing group. All kind of bloggers exist in the blogging space. If we want bloggers that write analytical content, we must look for them. 

This present post is written in response to Indispire prompt at Indiblogger. More posts related to the prompt may be found here.

12 thoughts on “Bloggers Know What Readers Want #SmartBlogging

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  1. Nicely put. There is support and confidence for all kinds of bloggers in the post. Sabko Jeene Ka haq hai …hamara dimag Einstein ke jaisa nahin hain to hum blog naa karein. A nice take on the prompt.

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  2. In the world of the blogger its ‘you scratch my back and I will scratch yours”. each blogger likes to be followed and read and that’s why they blog.So in turn you too read others blogs and have to follow their blogs,yes all this needs smartness and also a lot of time. You need to devote lots of time to blogging . So with being smart you also need lots of time to blog.

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    1. I did not mean scratch my back kind of smartness. I meant bloggers know what readers want. If you want to read really smart blog search and find. Does that mean what I am doing is dumb? That is the point

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    1. Thank you for reading. I don’t get enough traffic to be Ina position to advice. I think, if you bring in unique yet doable recipes people will show interest. There is a lot of interest in culinary blogs. Place your blogs in suitable platforms. Apart from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterst, Twitter, participate in A2Z of blogging etc. ,


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