Nervous #FridayFictioneer


Sitting in the air-conditioned office of the General Manager, Hemant was sweating.

you have worked with us for almost a decade,” manager commented, looking at a piece of paper minutely, “you know that cotton textile business is not profitable anymore.”

Company has been laying off people,” Hemant’s thought his worst fear was coming true, “Hemant, cannot lose his job. He has a family to take care of.”

You have experience working with synthetic polymers, don’t you?” the manager read, “we have decided to let you go for a training abroad.”

Nervous, Hemant only heard “let you go” and fainted.

Word Count: 99

This is an effort to write aflash fiction effort with the Friday fictioneers, 29th, Mar, 2019, using picture prompt provided by host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Other stories can be found here.

Photo Prompt : Sandra Crook

36 thoughts on “Nervous #FridayFictioneer

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  1. Poor Hemant! You should always listen carefully to the boss. Quite often it’s as much what he doesn’t say that you need to be thinking about, but in this case the boss seems to be a far thinking inividual.

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  2. Well done! You’ve written a story with several layers – the commercial situation, the manager’s foresight, Hemant’s apprehension, Hemant’s family life, the environment in the office. All the elements work well together. Good writing!

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  3. You crafted a great piece here. Very topical with the recession. I felt the fear Hemant felt at the change in the security of his future and in his routine and what he was used to. A very fine job.


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