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My wife thinks our marriage is like the tail of a comet,” Som commented, “do you know what is a comet?” Sam was surprised by the question, and he did not know anything about a comet. He did not think Som  knew either. 

a comet is an object circulating in outer space that has a brignt head and a long tail of gas and debris,” Som flashed a picture on his mobile phone and said, “a comet shines in the reflected light of sun,” 

Friends were chatting in a pub after work. Som did not want to go home to his wife. Sam had no place to go. The thought of going back to his apartment, he tried to delay. 

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Som Prakash Chauhan and Samsher Singh have become friends. Both are new trainees. Both are new to the big city. Both hail from the same state of North India. They gelled. Only difference was their social status. Som belonged to land owning family with a lot of political clout. Samsher did not have much to brag about his family. But in the melting pot of a big city, social status of Rajashtan did not matter. 

Som recently married a girl from another moneyed family, with a lot of fanfare. Many influential politicians attended the marriage and blessed the newly weds, because together, bride and groom’s families represented a great deal of muscle, money and political power. 

Sam was curious with so much influence, why Som has joined a low ranking job of a trainee police man? “We have money, we have muslce, we want to have a connection in the police,” said Som with conviction, “my job is more of a prestige in my village than a job.”


 “You married the girl your family chose!” Sam asked sipping his drink.

Yes our families got married, but my wife and me do not get along,” answered Som. 

 “my wife thinks, like a comet, I glow in the reflected glory of my father and father in law,” Som complained bitterly, “my drinking and womanising habits only adding to the long gassy tail of comet.” 

“You go to other women?”

“Which man does not have an affair, brother?’

Sam was not sure what to say at this moment. He simply listened and nodded.

My wife is right in a way,” said Som thoughtfully, “but coming from a woman, I feel like putting a gun to my head and pulling the trigger, not before strangling her with my hands.

Samsher hoped Som Prakash did not do anything foolish. Because at the end of the day, as his father said, “it  is easy to die and difficult to live. A cactus plant grows under extreme sun and very little water, yet it remains green. As if, cactus is telling the world, “throw whatever you have at me, I shall not bend.”

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This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2019

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  1. I just hoped here today, and am i glad that I did? This sonversation between Som and Sam is so relevant even today. Specially at this point in time, when we are fighting the demons of chauvnism in very unpredictable and dangerous ways.

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  2. Such real articulation of words, as I always say fiction is that part of the truth that can’t be told openly. We have numerous such Soms, I am very intrigued to know what will happen to Shamsher now. Will he get influenced by Som’s chauvinism.

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  3. Love the end message you had shared with the tale. indeed it is easy to die and hard to live. also, the character of som is reality of our society and I had personally seen so many peoples like him.


  4. I think the friendship between Som and Sam despite their differing backgrounds is going to be a continuous thread in the story. Looking forward to more as the plot thickens.


    1. True there are many people with a terrible mindset. They don’t even know that they may be wrong. Thank you for reading.


  5. Chauvinist indeed! There are so many Som’s out there, at one end the society is to blame, but what is society – isn’t it nothing but the many of us together. Does evoke a grave strand of thought. The cactus implications are really nice Abhijit, looking forward to the next one.


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