Director, the Dictator #BlogchatterA2Z

Mr Om Prakash Khurana, incharge of Investigation, Research and Analysis wing, ran his shop with an iron fist. A man averse to physical exercise, surviving on fried food, cigarette, and hard liquor, his peers and seniors were surprised that Khurana has survived a high pressure job without heart attack or stroke. 

Khurana made sure his trainees arrived on time and work hard till end of the day. Leaving early is not an option in Khurana’s department. To ensure compliance, Khurana would meet with his trainees first thing in the morning and late in the evening. Meeting with Khurana means getting a tongue lashing.

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Boss wants you in his office,” personal secretary to Khurana announced over the phone.

Sam was expecting it. Road congestion has increased commuting time. A thirty minute journey takes almost an quarter of an hour almost every day.

You called for me sir?

 “Ah! my trainee cum photographer from Rajasthan!you are late almost everyday, Sam” Mr Khurana greeted him from behind the cloud cover of morning cigarettes, “want to look for another job?

I know sir, I get stuck everyday near the bridge,”

You are not married, you don’t have any kids to drop at school, still you are late!” Khurana barked “tomorrow, we have an early morning meeting; don’t embarrass me by being late.” 

Of course! you sadist of a man, you deliberately kept a morning meeting,” Sam  wanted to scream before better sense prevailed, “sir I shall be there.”

As Sam got out of Khurana’s office he could see his colleagues were suppressing their smile. Seething with anger, Sam made way to his desk. He never understood why middle aged bosses comment on not being married. Are they jealous that he is single? What is the relation between getting married and getting late at office? 

I must move closer to office,” Sam resolved.

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Sam skipped his breakfast, did not pick his lunch packet, and drove like a maniac.  “The overpass is congested this early!” despondent, Sam looked up and saw Mr. Khurana was also waiting for the traffic to move, “today boss and trainee both are going to be late.” 

You are going to be late,” Mr. Khurana’s glare suggested while his body language indicate implicitly “I don’t report to you. You report to me.

Sam also smiled politely, while cursing his boss.

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This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2019

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  1. Working under bosses like Mr. Khurana can be harrowing. Imagine him glaring at him when he himself is going to be late! Poor Sam, moving closer to office wouldn’t help his cause.

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  2. I had ample smiles and laugh for the last few lines, that what happened once with my very close colleague and her boss. But all she could do on that day of the meeting was smile and curse inside. Its getting interesting story by Story

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  3. Ah, I was waiting to read this part. Working under such staunch bosses is always a task. Mr. Khurana is a typical middle-aged govt. employee with too much pride for his job, hold, and reputation.


  4. That’s very common in many cases, nicely narrated. I agree we need some disciplinary action to run a office. But I personally feel somewhere we are losing our humanity in exchange of whatever called money or competition or something else. Sometimes I really get confused whether I am a human or a machine or to where we are heading towards? We had a beautiful earth, will it be always beautiful?

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