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Boss is going to be late,” announced Sam smiling, “he is stuck in traffic.” Sam drove like a maniac, jumped a few red lights, to make it on time for the meeting.  The meeting turned out to be a training session for young trainees in the department. 

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As everyone was ushered into the meeting room, Sam stood at the gate to welcome Khurana, and to rub it in.

Sir we were waiting for you for last fifteen minutes,” Sameer said smugly, “traffic at the flyover must be really heavy today!

Son you are forgetting that I still write your annual confidential report,” smilingly Khurana whispered his threat, “I shall be careful, if I were you,”.

Khurana introduced an attractive young lady, Ms. Shalini Singh, to take charge and conduct the training session. Focus of the training was to highlight how being observant, paying attention to detail, and listening to testimonies carefully, a vigilant officer can solve crime.

Shalini had a unique way of conducting training. She asked a question, “tell me gentlemen, one of the important traits a police man must have?

Sam, wanting to impress both Khurana and Shalini, raised his arm, “eye for detail.”

Impressive, Samsher Singh,” said Khurana, “now give an example why you think so.”


The following is Samsher’s narration of a real life experience:

“Shambhu was a local bully in my village. Who had interest in finer things of life, but lacked means. When Shambhu saw a fashionable leopard print shoe with a pointed toe, in the store he decided he must have it. He imagined himself walking his village lanes wearing the shoe and everyone looking at him enviously. He convinced Shibu, the sales man, to put a deposit from his own pocket till Shambhu returned him the money. Knowing Shambhu’s credit history, Shibu was not very optimistic, but he paid the bill anyway because Shambhu was also prone to violence.”


“Mantu was playing in the backyard, when he heard of the commotion coming from the front of his home. He rushed inside and saw two masked men pointing a gun at his father demanding, “hand over your purse,”

This is my months salary,” pleaded father as he wrestled with the robber, “what are we going to eat if you take my money?

That is when, one of the goons hit father on the head with the pistol butt and a brick, “catch them Mantu,” cried father as he lost his senses.”


Tell me who attacked you?” asked the police officer, “without a name I cannot do much.”

Shambhu uncle,” shouted Mantu excitedly to everyones surprise, “only Shambhu uncle has a leopard print shoe with a pointed toe.”


Though the little boy Mantu did not have any formal training, he had a pair of sharp eyes,” Sam explained, “with the power of observation a vigilant officer may be able to piece things together and solve a crime.”  

Answer obviously had struck a cord as everyone clapped and Shalini also gave a satisfying smile that his story had hit home. 

At the end of the training, Sam wanted to exchange card with Shalini and hopefully her personal number. But Khurana grabbed her first and played his boss card. 

Sam go back and complete your assignment,” Khurana barked at Sam and informed Shalini, “he is one of our junior trainees!

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2019

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  1. That’s quite an impressive narration of a policeman, having the eye for detail. That vigilance is what matters during sensitive issues. Hoping that Shalini will be in next few posts, would love to know about Sam and shalini, do they get to exchange the nos?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So Khurana plays the boss to the hilt. Even when it comes to women. I hope Shalini and Sam are able to meet each other again and get to know each other.


  3. Boss always gets to be first 😀
    And I have also seen that kids have a much more vigilant sense for details. We as adults sometimes skip the small things. Nice read, great narration, the way you have put together the pieces 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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