Friends in the Making #BlogchatterA2Z

Samsher was not doing anything in particular when the phone rang. Som Prakash was on the other side. 

Be ready, we shall go together for the year end party.”

I am not going. You will go with your wife. Who will come with me?

Party improves visibility, boss. Khurana must know you attended his party,” Som was at his persuasive best, “You may enter alone, but who stops you from leaving with someone? There will be plenty of good looking women from other departments too!


When everyone was gathered around either Khurana or food or drinks, Sam saw this girl standing alone with a glass of wine. Sam had a feeling that he had seen her in training session in the department. Girl appeared self assured and throwing a challenge, “if you want to know me, come and talk to me.” 

Sam thought, ‘Hell with promotion; I must know this girl.”

Hi I am Samsher,”


Havent I seen you training at the police department, Shalini? What are you doing here?

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I am with my friend, who is somewhere there,” she pointed in the vague direction of huddles around important people, “yes I am a professional coach.”

She left you alone?

I don’t mind. Met interesting people alone. Sheep move in a herd; lion hunts alone.”

This self assured girl, Sam found interesting. 

Since there is no Khurana to hog your time and attention, may I have your personal number” Sam asked, “I would like to call you.” 

I told you, you are coming alone, need not have to leave alone,” Sam had no idea when Som had come and joined them.

The present post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2019.

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  1. That’s an interesting point in the story… I can foresee some happy music…but y is it the end of today’s post…Eagerly waiting for Monday.

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