Growing Old Together #BlogchatterA2Z

Sam was toying with the idea, but did not how and when to broach it. In his mind, Sam had weighed all possible merits and demerits, and established that moving in together made perfect sense for both of them. It would certainly fulfill a promise Sam had made to himself that he needs to find a better place. Plus sharing the rent with Shalini, would not make as big a dent in his finances, if he was to move in to a place all by himself.

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One evening over dinner, Sam asked Shalini with a degree of trepidation, “what do you think we move in together?

To Sam’s surprise, albeita pleasant one, proposal was not rejected outright; infact, Shalini responded by saying, “I was also thinking along the line you know; we can always share the rent and other things we buy.”  

Sam wanted to jump in joy. He felt as happy as Winston Churchill, when allied forces established a beachhead at Normandy. 

What are you going to tell your parents,” Sam asked cautiously, “will they not feel angry?

 “They don’t need to know now,” answered Shalini, “I shall think of something if they decide to visit; what about your family?” 

Sam was sure, his family was least of his problem. His parents were happy that their son has gone to a big city and standing on his feet. So much so, his father had refused any monetary support from Sam.

Once the decision was made, and the couple had moved in together, it was time to spruce up the apartment. So on weekends and holidays, Shalini would drag Sam to markets for house hold items at a price they could afford. 

One such weekend, they visited an auction house where two antique chairs were on display. Actually, it was Sam’s idea to visit the place. He had heard from Som Prakash that sometime they may find items at surprisingly low price. This weekend the auction house had announced an auction.

Look at these chairs? These look so old and used! Who will pay even a rupee for these?

Shalini and Sam were walking through items on display at the auction house, one afternoon. Two old rocking chairs made of cane were on display with a price tag of ten thousand rupees. 

Shalini these are collectors items, from the house of a royalty! Old king and his queen used sit on the balcony of imperial palace and watch sunset, every evening.


Shalini was really upset when a delivery man knocked on her apartment door and delivered the chairs. 

What is this? I was not expecting any delivery!”

Ma’am, this from the auction house.”

“ I am not paying for this, am I?”

No ma’am, it is all paid for; where shall I put this?”


Sam was prepared for a stormy reception at home. He was not disappointed. “You spent money on this rubbish?

Shalini, looking at these chairs, I see of us growing old together.” Sam knew his defence was weak, but he was helpless. No way his father would accept money from Sam.

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2019.

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  1. Really good one Abhijit. I want more 🙂 I feel cheated, Ye dil maange more. Such a sweet story should have happily ever after ending. I am never going to grow old together but I can live it through fiction.


  2. This is getting really interesting. Waiting for the next part to know how things go between the couple, will they really grow old together or there is a twist waiting.


  3. Did God make all men alike? I was surprised to read the story of antique chairs, I had the same altercation with husband when he decided to spend hard earned money on an antique table, instead of buying a new one. The excuse was somewhat similar.. phew.
    Coming back to the story, love to say they are progressing in the relationship.

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