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 It was inauguration day for the sports complex. Chief Minister himself is going to grace the occasion. Enthused by success of boys and girls from the state in international sporting events, local member of parliament had contributed from his area development fund towards building of a sports complex. He had reasoned that children getting exposed to sports, will stay healthy, will stay away from drugs and crime. In the long run some of them may earn medals at international arena. Above all, locals may vote for him in next election. 

Preparations were in full swing when confusion started; someone had placed two giant horse heads on either side of the entrance. The purpose behind putting these structures was not clear to anyone. No one from town council was available to explain. 

Sameer and Shalini woke up to the noise coming from the sporting complex area. Sameer had come to town for some official work. Shalini decided to join him, as coming weekend was going to be a long one with Monday being a holiday. They decided to inspect. In a small town, such commotion itself is a matter of excitement. 

A large number of know it all type of men of all ages had gathered and started passing comments. “Horse represents running,” said one man, “there will be stress on athletics!

a full bodied horse may imply racing,” commented a second man, “I have a bad feeling about a horse head; as if someone is trying to send a message.” 

 “Look carefully, at the eyes!” a third commentator said, “don’t these eyes appear to be cameras?

Come on you silly! Who will watch this sports complex? What is here to watch?”

Meanwhile, a few men had gathered around the Nathu. Everyone in the village thought Nathu to be a dimwit. He said many things but no one took him seriously.

Now, no one can save Nandu,” Nathu clapped his hand,  “he eloped with contractors wife.”

Shalini pushed Sameer to understand what Nandu was saying, “You know no matter how inconsequential, a law enforcement officer must hear and pursue all leads.” 

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Facing such an irrefutable argument, Sameer had no choice but to make an attempt, at least, to understand what Nathu was saying, who is Nandu, and why would contractor be angry with him?

Leave Nathu alone sahib, ourboy had watched a movie on television where men hid inside a horse. ” Some one, probably village headman explained, “In the movie too, one man ran away with another man’s wife. Nathu was certain he had seen people entering one of the horse heads.”

What’s all this commotion about?” asked a man emerging from one of the horse heads, “why are you making so much noise? Cant a man sleep after working all night?”

It emerged that this man is a relation to the contractor who sold two busts to town council for a profit; and also managed to extract a job for his nephew who lived inside one of the busts. Nathu, the idiot was not wrong, after all!

See I told you not to ignore any lead,” teased Shalini, “my training lesson stands vindicated.”

The present post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2019 Blogging Challenge.

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