Jamboree by Lake #BlogchatterA2Z


Every year in the autumn men and women gathered by water bodies, be it a river or a lake, and set afloat a lit lamp. Practice has been going on for many many years. Most participants in all likelihood have no idea of the significance of the event. But tradition is continuing.

In his hometown, where Samsher grew up, there was no river or lake. It was mostly arid desert land. His mother would fill a big container with water and float a lamp, without fail every year. Sam would laugh. Whatever may be the significance, their lives did not change much. But he never said his reservation openly, lest he hurt his mother’s feelings.

This year, when he read about the annual festival of light by the lakeside, he did not wish to give it a pass. More so, it was a weekend. If nothing else, the event will be an occasion to go out, get some fresh air, meet new people and have a good time. Despite her dislike for rituals that she did not understand, Shalini also came. She had made her position clear beforehand, lest she was held accountable for participating blindly in an event “I am going there for fun, to soak fresh air, and see how people make a fool of themselves.”

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Many had gathered by the lakeside as Shalini and Sam arrived.

 “Why are you doing this?” asked Shalini to a couple who were floating a lit lamp laden with flowers, “are you not polluting the lake?”.

Didi, oil will burn and diya made of clay will melt and become one with earth,” said the man, his wife joined in, “we are doing this for peace of our departed elders in heaven. Why don’t you float one.”

Such superstition! What good would a candle do to dead and departed?” Shalini scoffed.

It is a harmless event; if people believe in something let them be,” Sam said, “we did not have proof of oxygen before it was discovered. We didn’t stop breathing did we?

 “Beta, it certainly makes life of the living peaceful,” said an elderly man, “you will learn as you move on in your life.”

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge.

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52 thoughts on “Jamboree by Lake #BlogchatterA2Z

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  1. Shalini takes after me or rather what I was like a few years back. I was a rationalist who does not believe in anything supernatural and I also used to scoff at others for doing things that appeared ridiculous to me. But with age, I have mellowed and nowadays I even do some of these things myself just for pure fun. Looking forward to how the tale unfolds.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can see where Shalini is coming from. Sam and Shalini both seem to have a different mindset – whether it comes to rituals or for that matter, spending on that antique chair. Eager to know how their story progresses further.


    1. Some difference add spice to life. They still are together, till twelve in the night today. Tomorrow is another day. Thank your for reading.


  3. I like the way u highlight small things and make one ponder about it. I also did not believe in anything remotely like this but when things started affecting me more than normal I have started having a little belief and try to find scientific and emotional reasons to justify such rituals.

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  4. I am believer here… I feel and stand up for our traditions and things we do in faith. And also am a strong believer in Karma… It is the biggest religion according to me. Nice read.


  5. I do follow many rituals I don’t believe in. 1. To appease the ones who believe in it as long as it does not involve too much extra effort 2. Some times we don’t know what might be right, we haven’t yet solved the mystery that is life, isn’t it?


    1. Thank you for reading and leaving your point of view. Yes many a time we may not know the exact reason for certain act.


  6. So Shalini is eco-friendly too, somehow even I believe that does this act really brings any peace to the departed souls? Anyways, its a story with numerous perspectives!


  7. There are so many superstitions that are harmless but really makes me wonder that if we do not know the exact reason and cause and effect of the superstitious practice what good it could do to us. Or may that’s what the threads of faith are made up of.

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    1. If it makes one happy without harming others, what is wrong with it? We don’t lead our lives exactly by the book. We drive that damages environment. We smoke, we drink. list goes on. But this is just a story. Thank you for reading.


  8. I can relate very well to what that old man said, does it make me old too 😉 just joking.
    Traditions and some beliefs are followed to make happy with inner feelings, peace I follow many family traditions, (only after asking zillion questions). Some of these so-called superstitions give peace and some make you go wild.
    Love the idea behind this post.


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