Kindred Spirit #BlogchatterA2Z


Do you know MacMurchie’s are in town?” Sam woke up from his deepest sleep, Shalini was shaking him like crazy.

What on earth is a MacMurchie?” Sam had no clue, he had no interest and he did not want to lose his warm blanket, “is it a new MacDonald burger with a lot of mirchi?

You ignorant man! you don’t know MacMurchie!” Shalini was offended, “ I need to teach you so many things!

Sam realized that his sleep is out of question. He has to show interest in whatever Shalini has seen or read, so he asked “ok educate me.”

MacMurchie’s are famous Bagpipe makers from Scotland. When I was young I wanted to learn to play a Bagpipe. Every one laughed. Indian female Bagpiper! Father said we don’t have money for food and education, how can we afford a Bagpipe?”

Shalini said; but things are different now,

“ Bagpipers are in my town and I have a source of income. I must pay a visit. Are you with me?

Sam had no excuse. Shalini did join him for events he liked, inspite of her strong reservation.

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 “MacMurchie’s Bagpipe” was displayed in the small one room store. A heavy set man, dressed in a suit and tie was standing behind the counter.

That’s a bagpipe” Shalini pointed excitedly at a complicated musical instrument.

Yes, lady what brings you here, this morning?”

 I want to learn to play a Bag Pipe. Are you one of the MacMurchies?

I am their local representativeWhat do you know about MacMurchie’s any way?

I read that handcrafted MacMurchie bagpipes are sold in three continents. I want to own one and play.”

Well! I am looking for a knowledgeable local to sell our bagpipes. Interested in a job? If you do well, I may help you go to a good music school in Scotland.”

Looking at crestfallen Shalini, Sam stepped in. He knew that all Shalini wanted was to own a bagpipe and learn to play. It was her childhood dream that need  to be fulfilled.

Don’t worry Shalini, I know someone who played for army band. He may be able to help. If you really do well, we shall go to Scotland.”

Shalini felt a wave of affection towards her supporting friend who has turning out to be  such a kindred spirit for her.

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2019 Blogging Challenge.

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