Lucky Break #BlogchatterA2Z


Sitting alone on a park bench, Shalini was lost in her thoughts. She has walked out on her father. She does not want to go back home. Her whole being was singed with what her father said, “get married or get out of my house.”


Shalini was not born to a well to do family, but she had a lot of dreams. May appear unusual because her father, Mr. Chander Prakash Singh, was a lower division clerk in a government department and her mother Chandra Mukhi Devi was a docile house wife.

Ever since Shalini could remember, she had seen her father in a perennial state of anxiety and irritation. No one could figure out cause of his anxiety. Was it low self esteem of a government clerk, hand to mouth state of his family finance, or inability to arrange dowry for his daughter’s marriage.

Mr. Singh was under pressure from his relatives to get Shalini married after her high school exams. Futility of the exercise dawned upon her, after rejecting a number of potential suitors. She gathered courage and approached her father.

I want to work and be independent, father,” Shalini had said, “stop inviting these people and feeding them snacks and sweets; I don’t want to get married. Not now, anyway.”

With your poor marks and no experience, what are you planning to be – a district collector! Just get married and leave my house.” her father had barked.


A tap on her shoulder, made her look up. “Shalini Singh, I am inspector D’Sousa, your father’s friend. I came to meet you. Your father said I may find you here. May I sit down?” A man in his early forties introduced himself, “Singh said sometime back if I could help you. Are you looking for a job? Come and meet me in my office. If you like, you can join as a trainee.”

Shalini could not believe her ears. World appeared bright and cheerful again. She wanted to rush home, hug her foul tempered father and touch his feet. Her lucky break has just arrived.

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2019 Blogging Challenge.

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  1. Sometimes we just overlook the hidden love and care of our parents. This post brings back the trust and eternal love showered by our parents on us. A great story Sir!


  2. Everyone has a past, glad you introduced Shilini’s with the readers. Hey, but isn’t Shalini already employed as the trainer? Han, I should hold the horses to read what comes next…..


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