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shoe salesman


This is a removable heel,” informed the head of innovation cell that designs unusual gadgets for the force, “a microphone is put inside this stilleto heel.”

Ever since Shalini decided to take up the trainee position in D’Souza’s team, she was eager to be part of team and contribute.

This is your first opportunity,” D’Souza explained, “I would like you to join groups, participate and listen. It may be risky, but don’t do anything unusual.”

Detective D’Souza looked at the impressive transformation of the young and enthusiastic trainee police officer, Shaline, of CID.

 “Sure sir, I am ready and eager?” said Shalini.

Inspector D’Souza was under pressure to solve a string of cyber crimes and he needed an out of the box approach. He had planned to setup Shalini as an entrepreneur in a cyber security convention.

How do I look?” enquired Shalini.

You look like a conference attendee. Now go in, mingle, network and enjoy. Do not worry, we shall come in incase of a trouble”, assured inspector D’Souza.

Shalini was thankful for the first opportunity. Hopefully, from now on she will move ahead and not look back.

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2019 Blogging Challenge.

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  1. Wow! I thought you were writing short stories. Did not realise you are actually building a full story line. Went back, read it all to piece it together. And now I am more interested, because this is definitely going to be a book soon!

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