Outsmarted #BlogchatterA2Z


“Everyone knew Jaswant Singh’s daughter Shefali to be smart and good looking,” Sam was sharing his crush on Shefali, daughter of Jaswant Singh.

Jaswant Singh being a maths teacher in school, not many could approach her for fear of upsetting the teacher. Not Samsher. He did not care much for his grades, which were low any way.

Sam worked in a systematic manner. He started approaching Jaswant, at school as well as at his home, on the pretext of resolving difficulties in mathematics. On his visit to teachers home, Sam hoped to see Shefali, and one day asked her if she would have a lunch with Sam on the coming sun day.To Sam’s surprise, Shefali agreed readily, on condition that Sam got approval of her father.


Come sun day morning, Sam rode his bicycle at breakneck speed and reached Jaswant Singh’s home.

Sir is at home?” parking his bicycle Sam asked Shefali, “did you tell him about our plan?

Bapu is working in the backyard, trying to chop some wood,” Shefali pointed towards interior of her home, “You ask him yourself.”

Seeing Mr. Jaswant Singh working on a log with an axe in hand, Sam was not very enthused to ask about taking his daughter out.

Why don’t you help him?” Shefali said smiling, “an opportunity to impress both father and his daughter!

Sam was trapped. Either he approached Mr Jaswant Singh with an offer to help or he went home with his mission incomplete and be a laughing stock infront of his friends.

He wanted to take Shefali out!” Sam could almost here his friends laughing, “she will not touch him with a ten feet barge pole!

May I be of any help to you sir?” asked Sam, hoping against hope that Jaswant Singh would decline his assistance.

Mr. Jaswant Singh was aware that only reason Sam visited his home was to meet Shefali. Maths questions were just an excuse.

But if he is here today,he might as well do some work” wondered Mr Jaswant Singh accepting the offer and handing over the axe “Really Samsher, will you? Certainly it will of great help; work on this log, till I return from an urgent work in town. If you need anything ask Shefali. You know her don’t you?

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge.

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    1. Firstly, you are an attentive reader. I should be glad you read the whole piece. There is no Arun. It was a mistake. It should read Sam. I was experimenting with names. It was not remove.d


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