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Listen boys, I shall not accept any security lapse this evening,” thundered O P Khurana, “our heads will be served on a platter if a single black flag is seen by the chief guest”.

Sam was surprised to hear booming voice of Mr. O P Khurana outside the venue of award ceremony. Mr. Khurana was actively participating in overseeing of arrangements inside and outside the auditorium. Preparations were in full throttle for this important award ceremony. Guest list has been scrutinised. Rank and seniority duly considered in seating arrangements. Auditorium has been spruced up and decorated. Public address system checked and rechecked. Speakers and stage performers have been adviced to adhere to time discipline.

Such embarrassments!” thought Khurana of the black flag waving and black arm band wearing protestors who arrive at sites where bravery medals are awared to security personnels, “not today. I have a plan.”

Bring chief guest and dignitories through this side door,” swore Khurana, “No protest will be allowed to spoil the day, when our brave soldiers are receiving extraordinary bravery medals,”

Sam could see that a side door was marked No Entry” and a guard was deputed there

Not many thought O P Khurana,  had a life outside his office. He came to office early and left late. Friends and colleagues often wondered if Khurana ever went home! Barring a few close friends, not many knew Khurana worked hard to drown his pain. His only son fell to terrorist bullet trying to rescue hostages. Khurana’s wife blames him for their son’s death.

Today Khurana’s son is on the list to receive an extraordinary bravery award posthumously. This day cannot be allowed to be ruined by any black flag protest.

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge.

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  1. I had a feeling of deja vu while reading this post. Did you by any chance write this against a picture prompt for Friday Fiction for Aspiring Writers ever? Anyway Khurana’s back story explains the kind of bitter man and workaholic that he has turned out to be.

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  2. I too feel that the best coping mechanism to relieve oneself of pain that resides in the heart is to drown oneself in another cause, and that’s exactly the protagonist of your story has done. Very well presented sir.

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  3. Excellent write-up sir and I had felt the emotion exactly which you wish to express. personally, I do believe in the same thing and so many times keep myself super easy to avoid the flow of negative thoughts and emotions.

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  4. I loved this post. Khurana might be a rigid it strict boss but sometimes it all depends on the circumstances too. He has gone through a lot and losing a son at young age makes you a different person.

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  5. Thank you for this one for it is the story of many brave and selfless parents whose emotions they have buried deep in their souls. It was a perfect mix of quality content, impressive story telling skills, emotions and thought provoking words.

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  6. So finally Mr.Khurana is in the scene and the ending of this part with a pathetic news and helped me understand why Khurana is so much tough, has faced tough moments in life.
    Will eagerly wait for the next.


  7. Aah! The pain of losing the son and being blamed by the wife…. that can be a lot of mental agony and protests on a day when the pain could subside for a while… I feel for this man! Hope all goes well at the award ceremony!

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  8. I always had the notion that there must be a dark hidden past behind Khurana’s attitude and now it comes out of the pain that is there in his heart and mind. This also reminds me of the word “Judgement”. We judge so many people, without knowing the real facts of their lives. Time to undo that!

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