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Hukum Singh is not well,” Samsher was informed by his father over the phone, “you must visit him in the hospital.” Hukum Singh gave Samsher his first opportunity of a real job. It is his moral obligation to visit the ailing man. Add to that, his father has asked Sam to do a job, which he rarely does, so Sam’s options were really limited.

How are you Singh sahab,” Sam greeted the ex police man touching his feet, “father sends his affection.” Sam was not sure if Hukum Singh heard him or recognised him, at all.

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Lying on his hospital bed, Hukum Singh was not his tough police officer self. Though his moustache was intact, age had shrunk him, disease had made him yellowish in complexion. There was toxin floating in his blood. Years of indiscipline, hard drinking, irregular meal, lack of exercise all these are now back with a vengeance. Hukum Singh is suffering from advanced life failure. His body has become dysfunctional and mind erratic.

Son can you get me some chocolate?” Hukum Singh cried, “these people in hospital are refusing me chocolate; even my son doesn’t bring me any chocolate. No one loves me.”

An uneasy Sam looked questioningly at Hukum Singh’s son Sakharam, who looked reasonably unperturbed. “I know father does not have much time left,” Sakharam said with poise “father is on a strict diet monitored by doctor. There is no question of chocolate.”

Sam left hospital ward in a state of confusion. Should they have given little pleasure to Hukum Singh, knowing fully well he does not have much time left. Also, how life treats people differently. While some battle a deadly ailment, others go scot-free despite all indiscretions.

Hukum Singh died that night. Hukum Singh was chewing cellophane wrapper. Doctor said uncontrolled craving and a sense of delusion due to altered blood chemistry.

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge.

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  1. Awww that is just so sad. I don’t know what I’d actually do in such a situation, but I feel if he was going to die anyway shortly, perhaps he could’ve been allowed his final wish. Death by chocolate certainly beats death by cellophane!

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  2. Why do people become so heartless and rigid in fulfilling simple wishes also, especially when someone is on death bed. Isn’t a satisfied life better than a long and frustrated one?


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