Raghu, the Rascal #BlogchatterA2Z

Raghu used to work on a roadside eatery in Rajasthan. Though thin and short, he had something in his attitude that said, “don’t mess with me.” No wonder coming from eastern part of India, he made a living in the western Indian desert without even understanding the language. That is our Raghu, a stree smart... Continue Reading →

Third Gender #CarrotRanch

“Boy or girl Sakharam?” “ Dr Saheb wants to see me?” Sakharam answered, “I have cleared dues.” “Sakharam, your baby is a third gender,” Dr Sahai head of obstetrics and gynecology informed “we can make her a girl by surgery; it will cost money.” “What is this third gender, brother?” a confused Sakharam asked. “Bhai... Continue Reading →

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