Raghu, the Rascal #BlogchatterA2Z


Raghu used to work on a roadside eatery in Rajasthan. Though thin and short, he had something in his attitude that said, “don’t mess with me.” No wonder coming from eastern part of India, he made a living in the western Indian desert without even understanding the language. That is our Raghu, a stree smart survivor.

Samsher did not know, how, when and why Raghu had taken a liking for him. May be Samsher’s reputation as local muscle man’s side kick had done the trick. Raghu would stand by his table, in the pretext of taking order, and pass on information about local businessmen dealing in contraband and rolling in cash. Such information certainly came in handy for Sam and his boss in their effort to collect protection money.

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not from you sahib, Raghu squirmed,” as Samsher wanted to pay for his service, “I shall ask for your help if I need.”

Hey you, son of a w—e!” shouted the owner and broke our conversation, “don’t pay you to gossip, do I? Who is going to clear the tables and attend to customers? Your father?

ji sahab ji, I am on the job,,” Raghu would hiss under his breath “the day I ask for my payment due, he will know who is a real son of a w—e.”


Hey want to see a movie this evening?” asked  a fellow waiter.

Who is paying? I don’t have any money!

This truck driver and his assistant are making a overnight stay here,” he winked suggestively, ”they will buy tickets and pay more for other service.”

Yes, why not? At least I shall pass on something for them to remember me later,” Raghu said maliciously.


A few months later some unknown persons robbed Raghu’s boss and beat him up. Raghu was questioned, but nothing was found on him. Sam met Raghu a few days later. Raghu was his usual self, confident and cocky.

Raghu reminded Samsher of the cactus plant of desert. Thriving with little resource. Chew a leaf and you will get a bloody mouth. Don’t try to chew Raghu up. You may be hurt.

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge.

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  1. Raghu seems to be an interesting addition here. Heading to your next post now. I invite you to read my R & S post too which I posted quite late.

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