Stranger #BlogchatterA2Z


I don’t believe in ghost and anything out of the ordinary events,” Shalini was in her forceful self, “if something wants to scare me, it has to present itself to me; then it would no longer be a ghost would it.”

Shalini was very proud of her succinct argument as she started arranging woods for the bonfire. Several friends all couples, Samsher and Shalini included, were spending a Friday evening on the beach. No pressure to go to work on Saturday and Sunday and Monday being a holiday, the mood was buoyant. There will be plenty of drinking, lots of eating and sharing jokes not to mention spooky takes.

 “I am Subir,” announced a stranger, “may I join you till my girl friend returns?

No one knew the stranger. He was certainly not part of the group. When did he come and from where?

More the merrier,” said Samsher, “come join us, have a drink, be happy and chill out.”

I overheard you were talking about ghosts,” said the stranger, “a relaxing evening on the beach with friends, what can be a better than sharing a scary experience or two?

Only lazy out of work people believe in supernatural,” commented a sceptical Shalini, ignoring the uneasy feeling in the back of her mind, “in this day and age, these people also need something to do!

A camper died right here on this beach; his girl friend had left him,” said Subir, amid roar of sea, howling of sea breeze, rustling of tree branches,“ many have seen him here, who knows, you may meet him too.”

There was an eerie silence all around. A branch of a tree broke a distance. Few crows cawed seemingly unnecessarily. An owl hooted. A fox howled at a distance. Girls sat closer to boys. The unanswered question on every mind was, “hasn’t this man’s girl left him? could he be one!”

A high beam light and noise of a car engine broke the silence. A girl came and asked, “Subir, are you there?

Everyone looked for Subir. He was sitting around the fire. Subir was no where to be seen.

Here he is” girl said loudly shaking an unconscious man, “seems to have passed out.

Who was the man talking to them? Shalini had no answer to bewildered stares.

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge.

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