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Sam and Shalini noticed the teenage boy sitting by a tombstone. They saw the boy everytime they cut throught the cemetery to save time and distance. Initially, they ignored the boy. One day, Sam decided to enquire. In case if he could be of some help. 

Who is that boy sitting alone; I see him every time I am around,” Sam asked the caretaker, “ he is not an addict is he?

He is our Fazlu,” answered the caretaker, “he means no harm.”

Why does a teenage boy spend time among the dead? This is no place for a boy,” commented Sam, “I find it unusual, don’t you?

He has questions for his father,” said the caretaker, “he wants his father to come back.”

The boy who was at the center of conversation was Abul Fazal, a resident of the neighborhood. Fazal was not aware what was Sam and the caretaker discussing. Neither did he care. All he cared about was what his mother told him, “Fazlu, your dad is watching us from the heaven; he is listening every thing we are saying.” 

The day Fazal’s father was going to join his duty, Fazal had a fight at home and ran away. A few days later, Fazal’s father came back in a coffin draped in tricolor. 

Abbu, where are you? when are you coming home?I miss you abbu;” Fazal talked with his father every day, “I am studying hard and trying to be a good boy.” 

Fazal’s queries remained unanswered. 

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge.

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  1. I had tear in my eyes while reading this post..indeed kids are so innocent and they did not understand all practicality of life in early age. ending of the post so was emotional. great series sir and each post is so unique.

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      1. I question you when my response don’t show up. You don’t have the same problem. Whenever you write, it shows up.


  2. I saw my late father today in the dream and was missing him since morning and now this post happened to me. What to say. Life is cruel, I can feel for the little boy. Beautiful post.


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