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Khurana, this is an all expense holiday package,” O P Khurana’s boss dangled it on his face and ordered, “get out and take the vacation.” The idea of a vacation was foreign to Khurana who was used to coming office early and leaving late. “What do people do in a vacation?” asked Khurana to his boss. “They take a break from work Khurana,” answered an exasperted DIG, “for heaven’s sake don’t take your phone and laptop with you. Enjoy your life, if you don’t have create one.”

 “This all expense paid holiday is becoming a torture than an enjoyment,” thought O P Khurana lying on an inflatable raft with his wife, sipping pineapple juice on the sea. From day one, Khurana felt miserable. Being a man from police background he found fault with security at the resort from the very beginning. It was only for his wife, otherwise he would have stood there and gave them a lecture about protecting people.

Khurana could not reconcile his life with anything in this resort, be it high end room, high quality service, taut and toned bodied visitors, and price tags of meals on display.

Who pays, Rs. 250 for a cup of coffee?” he had asked his wife, amazed.

All his life, after paying tuition for his kids, coaching fees for competitive exam and saving for college education, Khurana family had hardly taken many vacations. At most they had travelled twice  a year to Ludhiana and Amritsar where their parents lived. Khurana could not understand what was the point of paying such exorbitant amount, even though it was all paid by someone else. Khurana will unlikely ever walk into such a highend property paying from his own pocket. His memory of this resort will remain like a mirage that will entice but will never be fulfilled.

Khurana walked out of the hotel and checked into an affordale hotel. He felt happy and comfortable in a zone that he could understand and relate to.

This post is written as part of #BlogchatterA2Z Blogging Challenge.

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  1. Well well, met a new Khurana today. Doesn’t seem to be as bad and bossy as I used to think about him. Sounds like a simple man. Are we going to see him as a coconut in the next 2-3 stories? Hard from outside.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. So khurana has both shades in him, glad to know he has this thought process too, there are many who love to be in there comfort zone only & can’t adjust otherwise.


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