We Become What We Think #LifePretension



Mind through which we perceive this world, has a great ability of pretence. It can make a prince imagine himself to be a pauper and a wise man may think himself to be an idiot. Is this imagination for real or just a show? In some cases, pretence of being a poor and an idiot may appear to be a sign of humility. On the other hand if the role is reversed, such a pretence may smack of arrogance.

“We become what we think,” said Earl Nightingale, a motivational speaker. Another speaker, Norman Vincent Peale said “We can, if we think we can,” Both these statemetns emphasise the power of thinking and imagination. So we better think right and think positive about ourselves.

As the story goes, a lion cub lost its mother and was raised among a flock of sheep. It imagined its self to be a sheep and used to bleat like a sheep and eat grass. One day another lion saw the cub bleating like a sheep. This second lion tried to convince the cub that he actually is a lion and not a sheep. In the end, the cub was shown his own reflection on a pool of water.

If we think big, we act like a big person. If we think small, we act small. So it is important to choose what we would like ourselves to be.

This post is written as part of Indispire prompt. More posts on the prompt may be found here.


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  1. I agree Abhijit, our very definition of who we are makes the entire construct of the personality . If we use strong images and references, we can build a strong one. The same holds good for a weakening personality as well. It is amazing how much control we have on elevating the standard of our lives if we choose to.

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