Pray For A Wishbone #ThreeBones


This week, the Indispire prompt asks, what do you need to be successful in life? This is an important question. Success is defined by different parameters by different people. It is important to know if we want material success or grow as a human being.

When I was growing up in West Bengal, being a good human being was considered to be success. A human being who can show a great character strength in the face of adversity, a human being who would rather lose his life but not tell a lie used to be considered a successful human being. Money, wealth, material goods were not paid much attention.

Then I came to Delhi. This city of north India, which is also capital of India, is a society where material wealth, name, fame, and a big bank balance is considered a sign of success. No wonder, people often flaunt their money and connection in this part of the country. Those who crib too much about honesty, integrity, and other human values are considered sanctimonius.

Almost anyone that wants to be successful in terms of power, fame, money must realize that there are too many people competing for too few resources. A lot of factors need to fall in place for a person to be successful because difference between success and failure in all likelihood is marginal.

Certainly a wishbone, a symbol of luck, every contender to the topmost slot will pray for. When too individuals, with identical strength, stamina and talent, are competing, a little bit of an extra energy, any unexpected turn of event may swing the result in favor of one competitor.

I shall take an example from the cricket world. South Africa had never won a cricket world cupt, despite an intense hunger, despite a very talented and hardworking team.

  • In 1992 ICC word championship being hosted by Australia, South Africa was asked to score 22 runs off one ball in the semifinal match against England. A near impossibility.
  • In 1999 ICC world championship tournament being played in England, South Africa was playing against Australia, the eventual champions, in the semifinal. In the last over, South Africa had to score one run with two balls to spare, a certain path to victory. South Africa lost the match.

A funnybone actually offers a different perspective to a situation and greases the wheel of life through humor. People who can see humor in difficult situations, are apparently more secure and confident. They can win over other through humor. Ability to smile under difficult situation is an asset, but may or may not help garner material succees.

Having a backbone makes a person a good and principled human being, but may be a detriment to material success. Principled people tend to protest against injustice and wrong in the society. A person with a strong backbone may end up antagonizing a lot people who actually lack one. A person with backbone is unlikely to compromise his personal integrity for business progress or personal progress. They will rather break but not bend. A person with backbone will likely be a good human being but materially not wealthy.

The present post is written in response to Indispire prompt at Indiblogger. More posts in response to the prompt may be found here.

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