Book Review : Flowered Bytes #BlogchatterEBook

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Overview: As part of Blogchatter book review program (#blogchatterEbook), I was entrusted with the task of reviewing the book “Flowered Bytes : The real experiences from my inner heart” by Anand Naryanaswamy.

The book contains sixteen stories cum essays from the personal experiences in the life of the author. Essays deal with importance of physical exercise, importance of a balanced diet and importance of relaxation in leading a healthy lifestyle. The author had also discussed different means and methods of exercise, relaxation methods and diet that a reader may find useful. Health hazard that can accompany with consumption of artificially ripened fruits vis a vis naturally ripened and organic fruits and vegetables, a reader may find beneficial. It should be remembered that many staple foods discussed in the book may be popular in southern part of India. North Indian readers may not have the same culinary taste or may lack expertise to prepare Idli, dosa, sambar etc at home.

There are essays / stories that are biographical in nature. In one such article, the author  talks in some detail his love for holidaying in his native village, his liking for train travel, even if that means changing trains more than once, his love for visiting places of worship in his native place, and his memory of his grandmother’s cooking. Unfortunately, granny is no more.

A few other autobiographical sketches deal with propensity of the author to fall sick, his experience with epilepsy and a myriad of different ailments and his unrequited love affair. He described how he managed to smile and keep his head high, his ability to take risk and traverse uncharted path against conventional wisdom. With some pride, the author narrated his success and his handing over pay cheque to his father.

A few articles dealt with issues related to sexual violence against women, supporting honest civil servants, and issues related to clean environment around our cities.

  • The authors concern on the issue of violence against women and the need for disbursal of speedy justice to victims of sexual violence was captured in one of the article. Though implementability of several suggestions remain a matter of debate, the empathy and concern felt by the author was evident.
  • Another issue that was close to authors heart was his support for honest civil servants. He touched upon how honest public servants are harassed by politically connected business men and politicians, and how as a society we must find a remedy for the same.
  • Clean India was a topic that was dear to authors heart. He suggested many points that governments should listen to citizens and create mechanisms of waste disposal accordingly.

My analysis: Using a nice introduction, the author informs his readers what to expect from the book. In the collection of sixteen essays / biographical sketches that followed, gives the readers a glimpse of authors interest in the following areas:

  1. Health consciousness
  2. Social consciousness
  3. Zest for life

Using an easy to understand language, the author has shown a positive outlook to life despite bouts of ill health and despite being afflicted with neurological condition like epilepsy. The positive outlook of the author towards life is reflected in his ability to face problems of life, be it personal, social or environmental. In the collection of short essays and biographical sketches, author shows his love of life and his society.

This review is undertaken as per blogchatter book review program (#blogchatterEbook).



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