Book Review : The Adventures of the JP Family #BlogchatterEBook

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Overview: As part of Blogchatter book review program (#blogchatterEbook), I have reviewed “The Adventures of the J P Family” by Radhika Achariya. This would be my second book review, a book of my choice.

The book contains twenty six humorous stories, that are standalone. Stories that revolve around the family of J P uncle. Family includes Jai Prakash uncle himself, his wife Srilatha and two sons Raghu and Raju.

J P uncle is a middle aged man. He has a day job. He loves to watch TV and curse at the machination of political leaders. Uncle loves Carnatic music, wears a lungi at home, and above everything, and tries to prove he is the man of the house. He tries to take charge of operation of a newly acquired mixer – grinder, when Srilatha fails to operate it smoothly, by saying “….You’re too timid. You gotta show who’s boss with things like this. And I’ll show you how.”
 Uncle ends up splattering the wall with chutney. He was operating the grinder without closing the lid.

Uncle’s aversion to doing household chores, becomes apparent when he did not change a bulb despite repeated reminders from 10 AM in the morning till 7 PM in the evening. When his wife completes the task, uncle complains, “Weird woman…. she complains that I never do anything in the house. Why can’t she leave it to me.”

Srilatha aunty is a South Indian housewife, who hums tune of a Punjabi song, much to the surprise of her kids. She is a strict mother who does not always indulges her boys about dinner menu. Srilatha cannot remember her passwords and phones her husband in the middle of a meeting. In the end, she pastes her password on the fridge, so that she never forgets it, “My password – XyZ123aBc! Srilatha, ribs J P uncle on his forgetfulness and his driving skills. She rues , “…. best thing about our Elections….If you’re not happy with your choice, at least you can send him packing after his term..Unlike in a marriage!”
 Yet, tough housewife Srilatha bows to unjustified demands of her maid, gets conned by smooth talking salesman. Stories that we experience in our daily lives.

Raju and Raghu are new generation young boys. They love pizza, burger in place of traditional South Indian meal of idli, and dosa. They like to listen to rock music and informs their father how the new drawing teacher looks like a super model.

My review: Adventures of J P Family is a depiction of a happy family, where people talk to each other, make fun of each other and there is an underlying bond of intimacy among family members. There are differences as in every family. Kids love rock music, mother hums to Punjabi song and father loves Carnatic music. Kids love pizza, mother wants them to eat “Bisi Bele Baath”, becaue she has made it and she does not want it to go waste.

The characters of husband, wife, and two kids are well created and realistic. Cartoon of Mr. and Mrs. J P, is nice and realistic. The interaction and chemistry between husband and wife and between parents and kids are funny and real. The interactions and exchanges evoke a smile and a reader can relate to events in his or her life.

All the stories are immensely readable and relatable.

This review is undertaken as per blogchatter book review program (#blogchatterEbook).

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