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As part of Blogchatter book review program (#blogchatterEbook), I have reviewed “The Adventures of the J P Family” by Radhika Achariya published as #BlogchatterEbook.. This book was my second book review, a book of my choice. The review can be read here.

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I had conducted an interview, over e-mail, with the author of “The Adventures of the J P Family”. Radhika Acharya lives in the UAE with her family and manages a blog The characters created by Radhika Acharya have similarity to real life people that she had observed.

The following is the interview with Ms. Radhika Acharya:

Q 1. Tell me about Radhika Acharya, the author.

A    I was born and brought up in Goa but at present am living in the UAE. I am a wife of a Banker and a mother of twin boys. Besides writing in my blog –; I dabble in a little bit of many things – I stitch and embroider, I write children’s skits and direct them, I was a teacher for some years. You could call me a “Jane of all trades, Mistress of none!” J

Q 2. Since when did you realise you enjoyed writing?

A. I have been writing since my school and College days.

  • In school – essay writing, which was usually one class a week, was my favorite period.
  • In College – I used to contribute to the College Literary magazine, participate in Inter-College writing Contests and also contribute humor articles to the local newspaper of Goa.

Q 3. When  did you transition from an occasional writer to a regular blogger?

A.    I started blogging around 2 and a half years back – on 4thSeptember 2016 – to be    precise.

Q 4. With your new book ……….Have you published other books?

A. No, this is my 1stbook. It feels really great obviously. But I wouldn’t call myself an         ‘established author’ just now. I am just one book old (or young!) I know I have a long way to go before that.

Q 5.  Tell me about JP Family. What made you write about JP Uncle and his family?

A.      The JP Family is my favourite topic right now. J It’s a typical middle class Indian   family with all its quirky and endearing characters and characteristics. I had a vague picture of JP uncle on my mind for quite some time and was waiting for an opening to introduce him. When the A-Z Blog Challenge came up, I thought up a family around him. And The JP Family was born!

Q 6,  Are characters in JP family real or imagination? Do you see a reflection of Srilatha aunty in your self in Srilatha? Many instances described in your stories are extremely relatable. Are they from your personal experiences?

A .    The characters JP uncle, Srilata aunty and the 2 boys are both real and imaginary. Let me elaborate.
Imaginary because they do not actually exist per se. They were born out my mind. However they are real in the sense – I based all of these characters, their actions and reactions on whatever I observed in the people and families around me.
On the one hand I’ve been asked by several readers if the characters are actually me, my husband and my own 2 boys! And the same people have also remarked that they could so relate to the characters and experiences in the book! So there you have your answer! J

Q 9.   What next for J P family? Is there going to be a sequel?

A.       I really don’t know. Right now I’m simply enjoying the popularity and success of both the JP family and of my debut book! I never expected the response that I’m getting for them and it’s a wonderful feeling!

This author interview is carried out as part of  blogchatter book review program (#blogchatterEbook).

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