Sneaky #FridayFictioneer


Away from the public gaze, the Indian ocean island houses several highend detoxification facilities for the rich and famous.

Nikhil came here to get rid of his cell phone addiction. “I shall use it only during afternoon break,” he reasoned as he sneaked his phone into the gadget free zone, “I am an addict not a crazy,

Nikhil climbed the crooked coconut tree for better cell phone signal reception. “Whatever god does,” Nikhil exclaimed, looking at the unobstructed view of sunbathers in different degree of undress, and the money photographs are going to fetch, “does it for our own good.”

Word Count: 100

This is an effort to write aflash fiction effort with the Friday fictioneers, 31st, May, 2019, using picture prompt provided by host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Other stories can be found here.

Photo Prompt : Susan Eames

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42 thoughts on “Sneaky #FridayFictioneer

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  1. A good story, Abhijit. He’s using God to justify his sneaky plans. His addiction may turn the tables on him and he’ll be sorry. Someone may be taking pictures of him taking pictures. If he’s famous it could cause a scandal. —- Suzanne


    1. Let us hope God’s retribution falls on him like a ton of brick. Most such moles usually get away. He may not really be rich or famous but a well to do yet unknown person. Thank you for reading.


    1. True. May be they thought a person paying a lot of money to get cured, would be serious. Obviously, they had misjudged our man. Thank you for reading.


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