People Move, Memory Remains #InseverableTraits

Life is a journey. Between birth and death, we are constantly on the move. We don’t realize it, but only truth in life is we are continuously moving towards the finish line.

In our journey of life, we come close to many others. Some are humans, others may not be humans. We identify with people as parents, siblings, wife, children teachers, colleagues and friends. Some of us even have pets. I would like to say we reach different stations of life. Unlike a train, we never stop at any station. Because life keeps on moving. It may be more appropriate to say that our orbit comes close to orbit of another individual. Everyone that we come in contact with, is actually moving in the orbit of his / her own.

As we close to another person in our lives, we form some impression on the other people, and take something away. Some of these impressions may be long lasting and others may be transient. Some good impression and some may not be so good.

Finally, I agree even after we take different paths in our lives, we do imbibe from the person we come in contact with in our lives. That is what we call memory.

This post is written in response to Indispire prompt. More posts in response to the prompt may be found here.

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