Coincidence #FridayFictioneer


Pick me up from the airport,” Nirmala had phoned before boarding, “I am excited!”


Open the windows, Bhola, let fresh air and light in the room.

Looks to be jammed,” Bhola tried to force the reluctant windows to open, “thank god, I shall be out of this unholy place by sun down.”

On his way out to the airport, Nikhil could not locate his keys.

Where is my car key, Bhola?

Here it is sahab!” Bhola dragged the bunch from under the table.

Is this a pure coincidence!” wondered Nikhil of the jangling ladle and now fallen keys, “or an omen?

Read : Inexplicable

Word Count: 101

This is an effort to write aflash fiction effort with the Friday fictioneers, 21st, June, 2019, using picture prompt provided by host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Other stories can be found here.

Download and read your free copy, till end of June 2019, of Desert Plant, an e-book published as part of #BlogchatterEbook.

36 thoughts on “Coincidence #FridayFictioneer

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  1. I was a bit confused until I remembered this is part of a series. Finally got it after I thought about that ladle for a minute 🙂 Keep them coming, Abhijit. I’ll be ready for you next week 🙂

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  2. Since it is THAT appartment, it is probably an omen. Let’s hope it’s not a bad one. The apartment could say thank you for not being afraid of its ghosties. 🙂

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